Every professional athlete has a coach.
So why not you?

No one wins the Olympics, a World Cup, or the Super Bowl all by themselves. 

The world of sports understands that in order to become our best and perform at the highest level, we need other people in our corner to help get us there.

People that will challenge us, guide us and help us unlock our greatest potential. 

Many artists are chasing a similar dream, hoping to turn their passion into a rewarding career. But most are going after it alone and wondering why it's so hard to make that dream a reality.

How can coaching help?


In sports, the rules are clear. You know when you have won or lost. You have teammates that keep you accountable and motivated. And there are systems and practices in place that have been proven to get results.

The path to becoming a professional artist is much less direct. Navigating the music business, creating consistently and staying motivated can be hard, especially when you're doing it alone.

But there is a lot that we can learn from the world of sports and how coaches develop their athletes to become high-performers and have successful careers.


They work on their confidence, attitude and ability to persevere when things get hard. 


They have a clear vision of what success looks like and the specific goals they're committed to accomplishing.


They have a well-defined game plan and process they're dedicated to following.


They are held accountable to their process and get regular feedback that helps them grow and improve.

Of course it's not just about grinding...

The role of an artist is also a spiritual journey that has a unique set of challenges that athletes don't:

- Staying creatively inspired
- Finding your unique voice
- Listening to your intuition
- Being vulnerable and sharing your art

Creative blocks are real. Criticism and rejection are inevitable. Self-doubt is bound to pop up. Don't let them stop you.

Having a coach that understands these intricacies and can guide you through them is something every artist should have.

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