Become The Headliner You Were Born To Be

Work with the music industry's top performance coach and take your artist career to the next level. 


So you want to tour the world?

Yes, you're going to need great music, branding and marketing. 

But more than anything else, you're going to need the mindset and habits of a champion.

That means being fully committed and working hard towards your goals. While also staying healthy, inspired and not burning out.

These are the things that will get you to the top. And this is the place to start doing that work.


Meet Your Coach


Nik Cherwink is an ICF-certified life coach that has been working professionally with artists for over 15 years. 

Growing up as an artist himself, he deeply understands the emotional and spiritual side of the creative process. 

And as an award-winning athlete, he also understands the grit, hustle and determination it takes to win.






"Nik has very strong insight into how the minds of artists work. His self-reflection approach to coaching really helped me identify a few things within myself that allowed me to eliminate my writers block!" (Derek)


 "Working with Nik allowed me to take the blinders off both my personal life and career. His approach to coaching was unlike anything I had done before and I couldn’t be more thankful for the guidance and self reflection which led me to be able to envision success and execute on it."


"Nik has always helped guide me when I feel stuck or unsure how to handle situations in the industry. He always leaves me feeling clear headed on how to approach my career and I attribute a part of my success to having him in my corner."



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